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It's Merio. It's Fishes.

Hi! I am Merio, Merio One or Merioone. You can call me as you wish. Sticker artist and designer, founder of ``Fishes Invasion`` in 2015.
Fishes Invasion, my project, takes shape with the form of a sticker or a poster. For me, it is like a ``good`` disease, it is something that is a part of me as much as I am a part of it. My fish, my ``partner in crime``, is American: he was born in New York in 2015. Lucky him!
He doesn't have a name: maybe I should have given it to him when I first draw the fish, but really, for me there isn't ``the fish``, I look at him as ``a fish`` and he can take various forms. Each sticker, each poster, each idea gives life to a new fish. For me, it's like having a bunch of children: some of them live with you, others live in the other part of the world but you'll soon be back, and see them again. I like to think about them in this way: the names would be too many to remember.

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